Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm really asking for it now.

One of my favorite things to write about has always been the gun toting, trigger happy policemen and sheriffs we have ‘round these parts. They’d just as soon shot you than look at you for the most part. But in all honesty, I can’t say I blame them entirely. I feel the same way some days, and I don’t have to deal with the cracked out crazies running amuck around here on a daily bases. I know they have a tough job, and the last thing I want is the cops on my bad side (see above for reason), so…Yeah Cops! Way to keep the streets free of gun violence! ...... Oh wait – never mind.

In case you missed it, I am not a paid journalist, nor am I a professional writer. I’m just a chick who likes to blog sometimes. So, if you’re looking for facts and figures, or posts free of grammatical errors and typos, go some place else. (And if so, I’m giving you the finger right now.)

A couple of weeks ago a 27 year old homeless man was spotted with a gun stuffed in his waistband. (Dumb mistake #1). When the policeman arrived it was dark and the suspect was ordered to lay down his weapon. Instead he turned and began to pull the gun out. (Dumb mistake #2.) A few seconds later the man was dead. Turns out the gun wasn’t real. Oops! (Dumb mistake #3.)

Now, I’m not saying I don’t understand the circumstances. If you’re walking around Bakersfield in the middle of the night sporting a gun, even if it only looks real, you’re just asking to get shot. I can’t imagine how scary it would be, facing a man you don’t know, don’t know what he’s on, or what he’s about, in the middle of the night. With a gun! I can tell you I’d probably wet my pants at the very least. But I do know that circumstances like that don’t ALWAYS have to turn out with the suspect dead.

This weekend there were two more shootings. Early Saturday morning the BPD were called to a domestic dispute. A crazy man with a gun was demanding his girlfriend let him in the house. (Uh- hell no.) The man fled at first, then he returned and so did the policemen. When they found him running around like a whack job, guess what happened? Yeah, he’s dead too.

Sunday afternoon another young man was acting wacky when a group of people at Andres Drive-In flagged down a cop and pointed out the man. When the policewoman approached the young man, he pulled out a knife and threw it at her. Guess what happened then? The policewoman pulled out her gun and told the boy to lie on the ground. Instead he pulled out another knife and approached the officer. (Apparently no body ever told this kid not to bring a knife to a gun fight.) The policewoman shot the boy, wounding him. He is recovering from his non-life threatening injuries in KMC.

Let’s play, “List all the Similarities and Differences in These Three Scenarios!