Monday, March 16, 2009

Scientific proof this dude is a douche.

I’ve been bitched at an awful lot lately for not blogging. Waist High never fails to stop whining and recently my husband has been giving me a guilt trip for blaming the lack of posts on him. (He didn’t mind 80 weeks ago when we got together, so I guess this means the honeymoon is over.) This weekend I ran into Lois Henry and she also chided me, which really made me feel bad, so here I am. I’m not promising much, but I guess something is better than nothing - although some people would not agree.

I thought it was funny a couple weeks ago when I received some hate mail about my blog. First of all – dude!? Why are you even reading the damn thing? Second – really?! My posting is so awful and stupid you felt the need to take 15 minutes out of your life to send me hate mail?! I’m honored. I don’t have the whole thing because I deleted it, but it started something like this…

You have used the word "Scientific proof."
That word can only be used in a proper and
formal way of using. Because you used the word,
"sucks" which is informal and it's used for
people who needs angles ….

It went on from there to list even more reasons for why I suck. Scientifically.

But the best part about it was the second email. Apparently, after sending the first missive my delightful sender-inner felt he/she had not fully conveyed the point, so a second email was sent reading….

ps i wont be back

You won’t be back? You mean, except for right now…and later whenever you feel like it? Darn, I’m really gonna miss this guy. I mean, who doesn’t want writing tips from someone you says, “That word can only be used in a proper and formal way of using.”

Apparently he hadn’t really been reading my blog at all.