Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dave ain't Dense

photo by request Posted by Hello

It has been suggested that I include a restaurant review in my blog - so here it is. Dave's Tacos kicks (bleep). If my review of the Pyrenees French Bakery seemed mean, thinking about Dave's is gonna be murder. Mmmm.. the spicy sauce and the little bits of onion & cilantro are sooo good. Dave's began providing sustenance to Bake Town’s obliterated back in the gool ol’ days (aka – the 80s) severing up the tasty tacos from the back of van. That’s right – a van. He changed locations often until finally settling into a permanent location (a building) on Chester a couple of years ago.

Interesting side note, when looking online for info on Dave’s, I came across the following quote from a blog; “driving through fog dense as a piece of paper at four a.m. in Bakersfield…” What the…? When you think ‘dense’ do you think of a ‘piece of paper’??

When I think of dense I think of the person who made that comment.