Thursday, September 30, 2004

In the news

Thomas Cahill a respected atmospheric scientist at UC Davis theorizes that pollution from the Bay Area is blown toward the Sierra Nevadas where it piles up, then gets pushed in the central valley. It’s all those Northern Cal people making us sick. No wonder we hate them so much. J

There is a group called “The Shafer-based Association of Irritated Residents.” (I sure would hate to sit in on one of their meetings.) They’re p.o.ed over the whole dairy farm thing going on. Can’t say as I blame them. I’m not too excited about having a jillion more cows stinking up the air.

The landlord of a mobile home park in Arvin has had his state permit to operate suspended for not taking care of business around the place. The trailers are run-down, roach infested, missing windows and doors and leaking. How awful!! Those poor people! Can you imagine paying rent on a run down mobile home in Arvin? Makes you appreciate what you have.

There was an article a couple of days ago about the rapist that was briefly my neighbor. He’s back behind bars. Again I almost find myself feeling sorry for the guy. He was placed in a Christian home for men on the outskirts of town and was told he did not have to participate in any of the religious stuff if he did not want to. Apparently he did not find the spirit when he was locked up in prison for those 12 ½ years, so he opted out. The Jesus Loves Brethren (so something like that) did not appreciate this and now he’s screaming his civil rights have been violated. Just send him back to Hawaii from which he came and be done with him!!

The man who opened fire downtown one night and shot 5 people, killing one, was convicted of one murder and one attempted murder but acquitted of assault with a firearm on two other men. I just happen to know one of those two other men. He was shot in the eye and lost his sight. I think that sucks.

A missing man was found in the foothills Tuesday. He was taken to KMC “where nurses said he has asked that no information about his condition be released.” Oops. No information on his condition besides that he is alive and talking. Okay. Got it.

Oh yeah.. and history was made in Kern County yesterday! Up, up & away!!