Thursday, May 26, 2005

According to the paper today…

PG&E employee, Bernal Ellis, was shot twice yesterday while trying to read a meter at the home of Eleazar Chavez. Apparently the uniform and the meter reading device Ellis was carrying were not enough to convince Chavez that he was there to read his meter. Evidently the fact that Ellis stood at the front gate yelling for Chavez’s attention did nothing to dissuade him from thinking Ellis was an intruder. Even though Ellis turned and ran, Chavez must have still felt threatened because he shot Ellis in the back as he fumbled with the gate. It’s either that or that dude really did not want his meter read.

Ellis is in stable condition at KMC and Chavez is in considerably less stable condition in the county jail.


The judge presiding over the trial between the East High students and the Kern High School District is backing the district and refuses to force the school to publish the articles. He supports the District’s claim that the students may be harmed if the articles are published. That would make perfect sense if it weren’t for the fact that every body already knows these kids are gay and they’ve not been harmed so far.

I think their attorney made a good point. Holding up a copy of the Californian featuring a big color photo of the students she pointed out to the judge, “You can’t get anymore public than this.”

Technically I think you can – but please don’t.