Friday, May 20, 2005

I'll Give You a Buck if You'll Call Me Dude.

Today is one of the happiest days in my life. I cannot stop smiling. Why? Because I am at this very moment listening to the song “Happy Hippopotamus” by The Examples. Yes - it’s true. I recently acquired an OLD tape of The Examples from a friend of mine who just happened to have auditioned to be a drummer for the band. Thanks RR!!

I now firmly believe that it is impossible to feel angry or sad or mad while listening toThe Examples. They give you a happy, warm, high feeling just like your first hit off a crack pipe. The Examples may very well be the answer to world peace. (In case you’re wondering – NO! I have never done that! Geez, learn how to take a joke.)

The people in the city heard he’s coming today
So they sent out the Mayor to turn the hippo away
The mayor met the hippo on the edge of town
Sorry hippopotamus you’ll have to turn around
There’s a city ordinance no hippotami allowed
We appreciate your heritage - we know you must be proud
The happy hippo did not like this news at all
So he trampled the mayor and smashed the town to bits.

Songs on the tape include:

Charles Ingalls
Laboratory Rats
Happy Hippopotamus
All I Wanna Do (is spend money foolishly)
Fishin’ is Fun, Fishin’ is Fine
I Wanna be a Chef
Peoples Court
Stoners Make Me Sick

Mark! If you’re out there – call me!!!