Friday, May 20, 2005

What Else is New?

The main article on the front page of The Californian today is all about the study I showed ya’ll yesterday saying that Bakersfield has some of the weakest brainpower in the nation. I like the first line which reads, “Quick: Call a civic cheerleader. Bakersfield has scored high on an unflattering list – again.” When the reporter asked Superintendent of Schools Larry Reider what he thought of the list he replied, “Maybe they should have done a little more getting in shape before they did a survey.” What the hell does that mean? Is Reider bagging on the American City Business Journals?

Being on the top at top of the list of dummies shouldn’t really surprise anyone. I’ve read several articles talking about how all the college educated people in Bakersfield move and how a large percentage of the people moving in are not college educated. That’s a pretty frightening fact when you also take into consideration that we are the second fastest growing city in the nation.

Ya don’t need no high falutin’ certificate to enjoy good ol’ Bakersfield. Yee Haw!