Monday, May 02, 2005

Riverlakes Rumble

I was amused by Robert Price’s column yesterday. It was all about a girl fight that took place in Riverlakes recently. Apparently a small mob of teenagers showed up on a quiet residential street recently to watch two girls duke it out. According to Price they were “shoving, then slugging, then rolling around on the asphalt.” That must have been quite a sight. The boys made a circle around the pair, holding the crowd back and encouraged the catfight to continue. Neighbors finally chased the kids off, but the incident left them pretty freaked out.

One man who witnessed the spectacle said, “These were not a bunch of low-lifes. These were average looking kids in nice cars and nice trucks. But they could have cared less about us.” I think it’s interesting that this man thinks the fact they had nice cars meant they were not low lifes. Doesn’t not caring about other people make them low lifes? People in the neighborhood are all shocked that something like this would happen.

After all, that’s why they moved out to the white flight neighborhoods in the first place.