Wednesday, October 12, 2005

You know you are from Bakersfield when...

One of your friends owns a house on a spot where you had field parties in high school.

You think lime green is a perfectly acceptable color for a high school.

You know the ingredients in a George's Special, or have ever had a "Black and White" for lunch.
You get mad every time you see "Best of Times" when Taft wins at the end. ...or... you get mad every time you see "Best of Times" because who the hell are the Bakersfield Tigers?

You comment on how expensive Mexican food is in any other city in the country.

You have ever offered someone a Dewar's Chew from a bowl on your coffee table.

You claim to hate LA but go there at least every other month.

You have ever debated the merits of water skiing at Lake Ming versus Buena Vista.

You have to explain to friends from out of town what animal a tri-tip comes from.

You think beans and salsa go with everything.

You think a restaurant is chintzy if it doesn't come with soup, salad, spaghetti, and fries.

You think a red light is just a suggestion.

The best restaurants in town serve pickled tongue.

You think $400 a month for rent is way too high.

You know a swamp cooler is not a happy hour drink.

You know the pool can be warmer than you are.

You realize that Valley Fever isn't a disco dance.

Anywhere that takes longer than a 10 minute drive is way too far.

You think you're better than people from FRESNO-haha.

Someone mentions the fair and your thoughts turn to FUNNEL CAKES, Boys scout Baked Potatoes, and Cinnamon Rolls!

You have to "explain" to someone about Beach Park.

You complain about how boring Bakersfield is, but still make fun of people from Delano, Taft and Tehachapi.

Someone from out of town talks about how foggy it is and you tell them, "Just wait."

You swear that just last week there was an orchard where there is now a whole development of houses.

You drive just as fast on a sunny day in June as you do on a foggy day in December.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Bakersfield.

Thanks Kev!!!