Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Keep on Truckin'

This is kind of a funny coincidence...an Amtrak train struck a truck (struck a truck, struck a truck, struck a truck) yesterday in nearly the exact same place as it hit one a couple of weeks ago. And in both cases the driver of the truck had already gotten out, so no one was hurt. Sounds to me as if they need to work on those tracks.

What is not surprising is that both of the vehicles were trucks. The other day Paul and I drove out to the Olive Dr. area (shudder) to visit my brother. On the way I commented on how many trucks there are in this town, so we decided to count. We weren’t far from my brother’s house at the time, but in about six blocks we counted 34 trucks.

The nice thing about it is, if you need to move, you know you have to know somebody with a truck.