Friday, September 08, 2006

Big News in a Small Town

The big news is all about the local man arrested yesterday for selling military secrets to someone in Yemen. Amen Ahmed Ali was taken into custody following a raid on his Rosedale store Cigarette World. Evidently there were more than just smokes for sale.

According to the paper the arrest came as a result of, “a two-year undercover operation by federal and local authorities.” Another man was arrested in Louisiana and a third suspect is still at large. Undercover agents contacted Ali and offered to sell military property to him. How does that conversation go? “Hi, you don’t know me but I’d be happy to sell you stolen military property if you’re interested. Night vision goggles make a lovely Christmas present.”

A woman who was getting a manicure nearby when the raid took place said that she saw two vans pull up, then the doors flew open and a bunch of men carrying assault rifles came charging out. She also said the beauty shop dissolved into “absolute chaos” and that she stated crying. Can’t you just picture a bunch of women in a beauty parlor freaking out while a raid goes on next door?

I which I could have been there to see it.