Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Stupid Stories

I’ve been itching to blog about all the great news going on around here lately, but my buzz kill of a job keeps getting in the way. And when I’m not busy at work I’m busy ignoring all the boxes I still need to unpack. Oh the joys of home ownership. Plus, the clock is ticking on our wedding day and I still don’t have a dress that fits. Much to do, much to do.

Some of you may remember when I told you about the guy who shot and killed a dude who was breaking into his house to try and burn it down. It turns out the plot to this story is quite complicated. And by complicated I mean totally ridiculous. It reads like How to Not Successfully Kill Someone for Dummies.

Okay, so they guy who’s house was broken into, Steven Stewart, once dated a woman named Madica Winchester. Madica is married to a local roofer named Francis Giangrossi, but it seems her relationship with Stewart never fully reached closure. She says it’s his fault and that he stalked her. He says it’s her fault and she stalked him. Huh.

Anyway, she must of convinced her husband it was Stewart’s fault because he was the guy who decided to put Stewart 6 feet under. They tried shooting him inside his house back in October, but that didn’t work, so Giangrossi decided to pull one of his employees down off the roof and set him to work killing Stewart. His step-brother, Jim Skiba, another employee, was also in on the plot. Three men want to kill one man so they hire an additional three men. *hand slapping on forehead* There were six men trying to kill one guy and none of them managed to pull it off. Then, just to rub salt on the wounds, Giangrossi tried to kill him self and couldn’t manage to do that right either. Now five men are in jail charged with attempted murder. I think they should also be charged with rampant stupidity.

Speaking of stupid, here’s another winner… A chemistry teacher from Shafter High School has been arrested and charged with cooking up a nice batch of Meth in his lab. Of course, he is innocent until proven guilty, but if he is proven guilty he will be a shinning example of What Not To Do At Work. Why anyone would go through the trouble of getting a degree in Chemistry and a teaching credential and then think ‘Hey! I know! Let’s make drugs in my chem. lab!’ is beyond me.

I have more stories of stupid crimes to talk about but I’ve run out of time so I’ll leave up to you. What are your favorite stupid stories?